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Thursday August 31, 2017

these jeans are the sexiest Jean anywhere!

Linda F.

Thursday August 31, 2017

I went to your site for a quick peek and was on for 2 hours! Hopefully buying some of your clothing soon. Made my registry!😁💜


Tuesday November 22, 2016

I bought a pair of jeans about 7 years ago and still have them. Love them so much and still support this shop to this day :)


Friday October 21, 2016

Maty makes phenomenal jeans for men. They are perfect to the specs you give her. She even gets creative and makes truly 1 of a kinds. Only will wear Maty Davis jeans...

Krystal Kuchera

Friday October 21, 2016


Fawn Cook

Wednesday July 27, 2016

My sister and I started an embellished jean webstore. My next project will be extreme distressing and destroying. You have inspired me to go wild. Thanks!


Wednesday July 27, 2016

Omg these jeans are the hottest. I wAnT all Of theM!!

Sherry Stoll

Monday July 25, 2016

Your site is fantastic! I was going to look at your tops, but they were sold out. I'll keep checking back.

Susan Wilder

Monday July 25, 2016

Love your jeaans!! How big do your Plus sizes extend to? Hi Susan, Thank you so much! I can do them in any size you like. Just be sure to send size and measurements when you order. If you have any more questions, please email me at xo, Maty

Katie Risstrom

Monday July 25, 2016

Wow! These jeans are amazing. I can't wait to purchase my first pair - I just can't decide which style! So damn gorgeous :)


Friday July 22, 2016

I absolutely adore your work! Sooo many compliments! My hubby loves your flowers..he's covered in ink..picky! I have 7 of your jeans...all beautiful ! I just bought Yor rose wrap sweater! Can't wait to wear with your harem flower jeans I got last week!! Love your style!!

Eve aka LeggsSexi

Friday July 22, 2016

The most creative and imaginative soul on this planet.Love your inspirations and one of kind designs. Makes me feel happy and honored to wear her one of kinds creations!


Thursday July 21, 2016

Dear Maty Davis I LOVE your sexy jeans! My boyfriends love the sexy jeans that i bought from you over the years the first pair i bought after a bad breakup and i was so devastated that the sexy jeans were the only thing that made me feel better. I bought all my friends a pair i think they love them 2. we wear them together and take dancing pictures all night at the clubs like in mexico i want to bring my jeans to the ocean xoxoxo Guarberto Kăruco


Thursday July 21, 2016

You are so sweet for making these beautiful jeans to fit all shapes and sizes. Bless you. xox

Vincent Arcaro

Thursday July 21, 2016

Love the Maty jeans. Will only wear custom made from Maty

Mai Thi

Saturday May 11, 2013

Extraordinary, quality, and gorgeous jeans! I'm your faithful customer! Thank you so much! xo

rebecca tyler

Saturday May 11, 2013

i resently came across you face book page wich led me here i love your colthing


Saturday May 11, 2013

Pictures can not explain the beauty. I order one pair of shorts because she is a artist. I like to dress unique and Maty Davis gets it. I highly recommend. The shorts are not cheaply made. I came back for more and can't wait for my order to be shipped in. Please don't stop making clothes because we won't stop buying! Love love love!!!


Friday June 3, 2011

Thanks again for the custom jeans, they are awesome. You know I will be back again! THanks Maty

Monica Hamilton

Friday June 3, 2011

This is my third pair of jeans and I will love every one of them. Thanks Maty

becky doss

Sunday May 1, 2011

laura Kippess told me to tell you that she sent me. I would love to try your jeans.

Cheryl Hager

Sunday May 1, 2011

love em can not wait to order a pair..................Laura Kippes sent me

Roberta Pearson

Friday March 25, 2011

My daughters jeans arrived today, and I'm so impressed that I'm ordering some for myself! Love them. A great looking, great fitting pair of jeans...Priceless! We feel like we've found buried treasure! Thank you!


Saturday December 11, 2010

After searching numerious stores at the mall and not being able to find a single pair of jeans that would fit me/look the way I wanted them too I searched online and came across matydavis jeans. Let me tell you-that was the best thing ever because her jeans are unique, one of a kind and amazing. She is truely talented and extreamly nice/helpful with the ordering process. I highly recomend purchasing a pair of jeans from her if you haven't yet.


Tuesday November 2, 2010

Wow, these are the most beautiful jeans i have ever seen. They really are the coolest. You are an extremely talented artist! What i would do for a pair of jeans like that! haha wish i could afford them... Keep working hard on your jeans! I'm going to tell all my friends about them!


Friday September 24, 2010

I love your style, its very original, not just rips and tears. I will definatly be buying a couple pairs of jeans very soon!!!

Kathy Morton Stanion

Friday September 24, 2010

As an artist, I can not express how much I adore your creativity! I am in love with your jeans and when I sell my next painting...I will be buying a pair! :


Friday May 7, 2010

love em! great job Maty!


Friday May 7, 2010

You have GREAT style...I HEART ur STYLE..Keep on Keepin' on


Thursday February 25, 2010

People say that pheromone is the key to attract men in clubs but I say the best way to attract lot of men in clubs is wearing one of your sexy great jeans.You can't believe how many men come to me and ask me for a dance just because they love the way I dress in those so sexy jeans.Thanks a lot Maty for helping me and I will buy more and more of your sexy jeans in future.